Technological platform


The key element of H-Immune’s core technology is the leveraging of its proprietary In Vitro Immunization (IVI) platform, which has a unique ability to generate a series of fully human antibodies against the entire epitope mapping of any therapeutic target by taking advantage of the affinity maturation processes performed directly in situ by B lymphocytes.

The background concept of the IVI platform initially came from the concept that specific immune response is boosted when an antigen is fused to domains targeting antigen presenting cell (APC) receptors and Heparan Sulfate (HS) (Leonetti et al., J Immunol, 2010). By utilizing an innovative ZZ-tat fusion protein (which enables dual APC/HS targeting) coupled with any kind of antigen, the H-Immune IVI technology platform offers a well-defined path to fully mimic the trigger of physiological immune induction on naïve PBMC cell cultures and directly generate a whole series of potent fully human monoclonal antibodies.


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